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The manufacturers of defective equipment or machinery resulting in a worker injury may be found to be negligent and liable for damages in a separate civil lawsuit. You may be able to recover damages on top of a workers’ comp claim if injured in a job accident caused, in part, by a third party. These third party personal injury cases should be given responsible legal guidance.

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Report: Contact with hot objects or substances at SOUTHWEST GALVANIZING, INC. in Houston, Texas

DATE: 07/29/15

After the galvanizing cycle, material (product) is no longer in the zinc, but is still inside the kettle, at which point two workers will skim the zinc off the top of the kettle. Two monorail cranes carry this beam in and out of the kettle housing. The cranes have chains connected to a bow that holds the beam. The chain between the lifting block of the crane and bow failed; one end of the beam fell, hit the molten zinc vat, and caused a splash. The injured employee was wearing a Nomex suit, face shield, and eye glasses at the time. The surface of this vat is at about waist level. The densest portion of the splash hit the injured employee in the groin, burned through the Nomex coveralls, and caused third-degree burns. Another portion of the splash hit the employee on the chest/abdomen area and caused second-degree burns. A small splash of molten zinc also hit the employee’s face, and the last portion landed on one of the injured employee’s feet, causing a burn.

Report ID 2015075178  
Date 07/29/2015  
UPA 1006291  
Inspection 1082920  
Primary NAICS 332812  
Nature 1523 Third or fourth degree heat (thermal) burns
Part of Body 899 Multiple body parts, n.e.c.
Source 452 Molten or hot metals, slag
Secondary Source 3436 Cranes-gantry, overhead, monorail, container
Event 533 Contact with hot objects or substances
Hospitalized Yes  
Amputation No  

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