Trammell Piazza Law Firm, PLLC is a full-service firm with offices in Downtown Texarkana and the Heights of Little Rock, Arkansas. Trammell Piazza provides personalized representation for its clients, infusing over 60 years of expertise in business litigation law; personal injury law; and severe injury and nursing home abuse claims.    

Trammell Piazza represents clients in high-stakes civil litigation throughout the nation, primarily in the Southeast. With offices in Texarkana and Little Rock, Arkansas, Trammell Piazza is known for its excellent legal reputation and substantial courtroom experience and recoveries in a wide variety of cases. 

Trammell Piazza: A Tried and True Approach

Founder and Managing Partner Chad Trammell and his family have lived in Texarkana for the past 17 years. He is native to this region having grown up and graduated from Ashdown High School. His family has been in Little River County for 150 years.

Chad founded his family-run law firm Trammell Law 10 years ago to offer a sophisticated contingency practice focused on providing trusted, honest and hardworking representation to individuals who have suffered life-altering injuries and businesses with challenging legal matters. Trammell Piazza opened in Little Rock in 2013, where Partner Melody Piazza is respected for her superior knowledge, professionalism and compassion in her work.

Trammell Piazza: An Earned Reputation

Trammell Piazza Law Firm has earned a reputation for providing tenacious representation for our clients. We have achieved substantial awards and successfully litigated difficult personal injury lawsuits and cumbersome business disputes that reduce the burden on clients’ lives and businesses.

Trammell Piazza’s contingency lawyers afford you the ability to pursue your case without financial burden while we pursue the justice and peace of mind you deserve. 

We are advocates who guide our clients through the claims process in the areas of trucking and railroad accidents; workplace injury; nursing home abuse; wrongful death; severe injury; traumatic brain injury; product liability claims; class action lawsuits; insurance recovery claims; and business litigation.

Trammell Piazza’s case management approach provides value and efficiency to every case we work. 

Our entire team is dedicated to delivering the utmost care, compassion and attention to resolve your legal issue and achieve a complete recovery.

Trammell Piazza: A Rise Above The Others

Types of claims that our law firm handles:

Typical business disputes include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Tortious interference with the business expectancy
  • Franchise disputes
  • Anti-trust
  • Contract bidding disputes
  • Disputes with a governmental entity
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Patent copyright and trademark infringement
  • Bank and lender fraud
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Governmental relations