Day Commemorates Workers who Died or Suffered from Work Hazards

Workers’ Memorial Day was established to recognize workers who died or suffered from exposure to hazards at work and to encourage efforts to achieve the goal of safer, healthier workplaces. Commemorated worldwide, Workers’ Memorial Day occurs on April 28th, the anniversary of the date the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 establishing the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) went into effect.

Worker Injury and Fatality Rates in the United States

Occupational injuries and illnesses have broad social and economic impacts on workers and their families, employers, and on society as a whole. Consequences include medical costs, loss of productivity, impact on the workers’ quality of life, and potential long-term or permanent disability. 

A worker is injured on the job every seven seconds in the United States and a fatal occupational injury is suffered every 99 minutes. Preventable workplace deaths in the United States have increased six consecutive years.

In addition, in 2019:

  • Work-related injuries claimed the lives of 5,333 U.S. workers, up from 5,250 in 2018 
  • Private industry employers recorded 2.8 million non-fatal worker injuries and illnesses
  • There were over 865,000 traumatic injuries and disorders
  • In Arkansas, 4,490 workers suffered severe injuries

Article: Most Dangerous Industries for Worker Injury

On-the-job accidents can lead to catastrophic physical harm and permanent disability from a workplace injury and undue stress and hardship for employees and employers. Several industries are consistently considered the most dangerous industries for catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Catastrophic and Severe Worker Injuries

Unfortunately, too many workers are injured on the job, some resulting in permanent disability. Workers’ compensation laws and deadlines vary based on each state’s workers’ comp laws, which determine which businesses must carry coverage, how much and how long they must pay an injured employee, and deadlines for each step of the workers’ comp claims process. If you suffered a severe occupational injury or in instances of worker fatalities, you may be entitled to weekly payments or a single lump sum payment from your employer’s insurer to make up for lost wages.

OSHA established to provide worker protections, ensure safe workplaces

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed a method to identify research priorities and evaluate recommendations to address workforce safety and health. The agency’s research aims to better describe the burden of injuries, illnesses and fatalities suffered by workers and study emerging issues, the changing nature of work and the American workforce, and understudied occupational hazards. The NIOSH webpage, Worker Health Charts, allows for the creation of custom charts using data from several sources for users to visualize rates, distribution, and trends in workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths. 

Workers’ Memorial Day Raises Awareness of Safer Workplaces

Please join us this Workers’ Memorial Day, April 28, to honor the victims of workplace injury and illness and join in the efforts to address challenges and eliminate hazards for safer, healthier work environments.

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