Workplace injuries cost employers billions of dollars each year

Providing a safe work environment is a top financial concern for companies of every size. Workplace injuries cost employers billions of dollars each year. According to the National Safety Council, the average workers’ compensation claim is $40,000.

Government jobs account for the highest number of incidents requiring lost days of work, largely due to the size of the public sector, while transportation and warehousing experience the highest number of non-fatal injuries.

Four Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

In 2019, the top three serious occupational injuries involving five or more days lost from work were overexertion and bodily reaction; falls, trips and slips; and contact with objects and equipment. Transportation incidents is the fourth most common cause of workplace injuries and also the most common cause of fatal injuries at work.

  • Overexertion and bodily reaction
    Overexertion includes injuries resulting from pushing, lifting and carrying objects. Bodily reactions refers to injuries as a result of performing repetitive tasks causing strain without strenuous activity or heavy lifting.
  • Falls, Trips and Slips
    Falling includes falls onto or against an object or surface on the same level or onto another level such as falling from ladders, roofs or collapsed structures. Slips and trips occur when a worker catches him or herself from falling during a slip or trip.
  • Contact with Objects and Equipment
    Contact with objects and equipment refers to incidents involving a moving object striking a worker, and a worker striking against an object or being compressed or crushed by equipment.
  • Vehicle accidents
    The most common cause of workplace fatalities, transportation incidents involve on-the-job vehicle accidents, being struck by a moving vehicle at work and accidents during the course of work duties.

As long as an employee can show that his injury occurred at work while performing a job function, the employee is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits cover the cost of medical expenses to treat the injury and a portion of lost wages, approximately two-thirds of average weekly wage (AWW).

Traumatic Occupational Injuries

Traumatic or catastrophic workplace injuries are those that result in sustained inability to work or permanent disability that require long-term medical treatment. Examples of catastrophic worker injuries include paralysis, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), spinal cord injury and severe damage to the nerves or ligaments. In these cases, a worker is likely to need long-term disability.

Article: What are my rights when I am injured at work?

Navigating workers’ comp and third-party settlements requires sound legal guidance. When you are injured at work there are several rights to protect you.

Third-Party Settlements In Severe Worker Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance is a mandatory, no-fault insurance policy that provides benefits to injured workers. Generally, employers are immune from liability for an injury sustained by an employee in a job accident, and workers’ comp does not compensate for pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages.

Industrial plant worker walking illustration most common causes of workplace injuries

Because workers’ compensation prohibits employees from suing their employers, workers who suffer injuries requiring extensive medical treatment or resulting in permanent or partial disability may consider a third party personal injury claim against another entity.

A “third person” is a person who is not immune from tort liability who aggravated the employee’s job injury and has the legal liability to pay damages to compensate for the employee’s injury.

Examples of third parties include the manufacturer or installer of machinery or equipment or the contractor responsible for maintaining a safe work site. In such cases, it is important to contact an attorney who has experience handling third-party injury claims.

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