18 Wheelers

An 18-wheeler or semi-trailer truck is the combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers carrying commercial freight.

Big Rigs

Big rigs with attached trailers hauling freight can carry a maximum loaded weight of 80,000 pounds of cargo. Accidents involving big rigs can result in catastrophic injury and death.

Cargo Trucks

Cargo trucks are any truck with a trailer with three or more axles carrying cargo, from flatbeds or 40- to 55-foot enclosed trailers to heavy equipment trailers with longer cargo space and more axles.

Delivery Vans

Delivery vans or cargo vans have an enclosed cargo space designed for making deliveries. Cargo vans are smaller than walk-in trucks.

Fuel Trucks

Fuel trucks or tanker trucks are designed to carry liquid or gas loads on roads. The largest fuel trucks are similar to railroad tank cars.


Semi-trucks, also known as semi-trailer trucks or semi-tractor trailers are combination vehicles made up of a powered truck and one or more semi-trailers.

Tractor Trailers

Tractor trailers consist of a tractor unit designed to pull a semi-trailer. A truck tractor is capable of carrying heavier loads than a straight truck.

Work Trucks

Work or utility trucks are larger than pick-ups designed for commercial use, including municipal, utility and construction company vehicles, and vehicles transporting heavy construction equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers and cranes.