Scott Johnson

Legal Assistant

Scott is a seasoned support team member with a valuable background in law enforcement.


Scott Johnson is an integral part of the Trammell Piazza Trial Team. Scott has worked with Trammell Piazza Managing Partner Chad Trammell for over 10 years and has played an important role in several trials that resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts.  

Although he performs many tasks, his primary job involves location of witnesses and/or people with relevant information about the firm’s cases. A licensed private investigator for many years, Scott graduated at the top of his class from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy in 1993. Scott attended many specialized schools during his years in law enforcement, all of which helped develop his skills as a legal and trial assistant. He served as a Patrolman and as a Sergeant at a local law enforcement agency from 1992 to 2000.  Scott and his family reside in the Memphis, Tennessee area.