A Tragic Workplace Death Leaves Behind a Grieving Wife and Family


(November 23, 2021) Death is an inexorable aspect of life, but when a person dies unexpectedly, at their job, due to a workplace accident caused by negligence, it’s a tragedy. And that’s exactly what happened to Carl Pierce almost one year ago when a catastrophic workplace injury took his life just before Christmas in 2020.

Carl was a technician with Sparklight Cable One, and he was on the job last December 15, working on a cable line at the Fay-J Packaging building in Wake Village, Texas. Carl fell through an unmarked skylight on the building’s roof and suffered extensive injuries including collapsed lungs and broken ribs when he landed on the ground 40 feet below. Eight days later, Carl succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Carl leaves behind a large, grieving family, including both of his parents; his wife, Quantala Pierce of Texarkana, AR; two sons, five daughters, three brothers, six sisters, and 13 grandchildren.

Trammell Piazza partner, Chad Trammell, is representing Carl’s widow, Quintala, and his estate, and filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the Texarkana Division of the Eastern District of Texas in November 2021 against C – L & Associates, doing business as Fay-J Packing. In his complaint, Trammell alleges the defendants are guilty of negligence for failing to place guards around the skylight, failing to place bright warning signs on each side of the skylight, failing to cap the skylight with a metal screen, and failing to replace the skylight with skylights constructed of present-day technology capable of sustaining the bodyweight of workers the defendants knew or reasonably should have known, to be accessing the building’s roof.

The complaint alleges that the defendants are liable under wrongful death statutes and premises liability and asks for damages for Pierce’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, lost wages, and final expenses. Mr. Trammell is humbled to be representing Mrs. Pierce and understands just how important this case is to the surviving members of the Pierce family.