Caught In, Compressed by Equipment

Being caught or crushed in equipment or machinery can lead to numerous serious injuries from internal injuries to amputations to death.

Explosions, Fires & Burns

A construction site or petrochemical plant fire or explosion can result in serious injury and burns and often are due to carelessness and disregard of fire safety, both of which fall under legal principles of negligence.

Failure to Warn or Label Equipment

An employer's lack of compliance with safety regulations concerning equipment labels warning of machinery or equipment hazards that involve an on-the-job injury can result in higher workers’ comp benefits and negligence claims.

Mechanical or Design Defect

When injuries are sustained due to a mechanical failure at work, liability may be attributed to a manufacturer or third party negligence. Failures may be due to breakdown in components of machinery, design defect or malfunction due to failure to correctly assemble or repair equipment.

Safety Shutoff Malfunction

Lack of safety shutoff and other equipment failures can cause serious injury in the workplace and substantial claims from injured workers.

Struck by an Object or Equipment

Being struck by or against equipment and other equipment impacts accounts for 26% of all workplace injuries. The most common injury from a fallen object is head injury.