Distracted Driving

Distracted driving while operating a commercial vehicle can lead to overcorrections, swerving and delayed braking and result in serious injury accidents.

Excessive Speed

Large trucks need significantly more time and distance to reduce speed than regular passenger vehicles. Excessive speed can result in truck impact accidents and truck rollovers.

Failure to Stop

Driver negligence such as distracted or impaired driving resulting in a failure to stop or making a fast stop can cause underride collisions and other truck impact accidents.

Improper Maintenance

Improper truck maintenance can cause jackknifing, blow outs and other accidents resulting in impact with other vehicles. Truck maintenance checks must be documented, and truck companies can be held responsible for an accident due to faulty equipment.

Mechanical Failure

Commercial trucks must maintain vigorous and well-documented maintenance checks. Liability for a mechanical failure may rest with a truck company, equipment manufacturer or both.

Reckless or Impaired Driving

Unsafe, reckless and impaired driving can be incredibly dangerous to cars on the road. Commercial drivers are held to a higher legal standard than average drivers.

Truck Driver Error or Fatigue

Driver negligence due to improper training or fatigue is a common cause of accidents. Truck driver error can include excessive speeding, failure to check blind spots, improper lane change and failure to obey rules of the road.

Unsafe Loads

Unsafe and unbalanced cargo loads can be due to improper training or a driver failing to use standard of care while driving, such as taking turns too quickly causing the load to shift.