Warehouses and Storage Facilities

Insurance for warehouse and storage facilities covers losses from natural disasters, fires, theft, defending against claims for injury and property damage. Legal advocacy ensures fair compensation if insurers deny claims.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial insurance compensates property owners or renters for losses due to property and content damage. When insurers deny or underpay claims, legal advocacy is crucial for securing fair compensation.

Commercial Properties

Commercial property insurance is essential for every company. It safeguards physical assets against fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft, and vandalism. However, earthquakes and floods are generally not covered unless specifically added to the policy.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities pursue insurance recovery claims for damages and losses resulting from natural disasters, equipment failures, or data breaches, especially when insurers contest or minimize claims.

Residential Buildings

Residential coverage offers financial protection against disasters, theft, and accidents. Standard policies include coverage for your home’s structure, personal belongings, liability protection, and additional living expenses.

Educational Facilities

Educational insurance protects a school's assets like buildings, furniture, equipment, electronics, and outdoor structures. It reimburses costs for damage from natural disasters, fire, theft, vandalism, burst pipes, explosions, and more.

Trusted Insurance Recovery Experts

Trammell Piazza acts as a trusted advisor and counselor to our clients, advising them on specialty policies, mergers, insurance and commercial contracts issues and agreements.” – Chad Trammell, Partner.

Litigation against an insurer should always be a last resort, however insurance companies are quick to involve lawyers early in the claim adjustment process to mitigate payouts or potential litigation.

Trammell Piazza’s insurance and insurance litigation attorneys are just as quick, stepping in immediately to thoroughly investigate and review an individual or business insurance claim in order for clients to present their claims fully and accurately. This allows our legal team to achieve fair results for our clients and fight for adjustments promptly. We are positioned to litigate aggressively should it be necessary.

Expert, compassionate and tenacious, we are advocates who guide our clients through the complex claims process while providing the utmost care and attention to your case. A contingency law firm, we only get paid once your claim has reached a positive resolution, offering you the opportunity to stand up for the compensation you deserve without having to pay out of pocket for our expertise.

Trammell Piazza Law Firm has recovered millions for its clients on first party insurance claims. Our insurance recovery and advisory practice attorneys represent individual and commercial policyholders for insurance recovery throughout Arkansas and the South.

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Aggressive Representation & Outstanding Results


– Verdict

Managing Partner Chad Trammell successfully fought for compensation in a wrongful death case with attorney Anthony Bruster, achieving a $2 million award of compensatory damages for the victim’s family.


– Verdict

Managing Partner Chad Trammell led a team of Super Lawyers, Dan Sorey and Jamie Pratt in this negligence case that awarded the victim $1.4 million in compensatory and $875,000 in punitive damages.


– Verdict

Managing Partner Chad Trammell led an outstanding group of attorneys at trial, Drake Martin, Tony Seaton, Brian Brooks and Ric May. The team proved chronic short-staffing at a nursing home resulted in neglect. A $4,275,000 verdict was upheld unanimously by the Tennessee Court of Appeals.


– Verdict

Trammell Piazza successfully fought a civil litigation case awarding $1.5 million compensatory and $1.5 million punitive damages for the victim of neglect.

The recoveries, verdicts, favorable outcomes, and testimonials described on this site are not an indication or guarantee of future results. Every case is different, and each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The valuation of a case depends on the facts, the damages, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors.

Claim Dispute Type

Manipulation of Policy

Insurers may misinterpret or alter policy terms to avoid fulfilling their obligations, triggering disputes over coverage, policy interpretation, and the insurer's responsibilities.

Bad Faith

When insurers breach their duty, denying valid claims without justification or failing to investigate thoroughly, policyholders contest these actions, often resulting in legal disputes over compensation.

Claim Denial

Insurers reject legitimate claims, citing policy exclusions or lack of coverage, prompting policyholders to dispute the denial's validity and fairness through legal means.

Payment Issues

Policyholders may contest insurers' failure to provide timely or full payments for valid claims, leading to disputes over payment amounts, methods, or timing, often requiring legal intervention.

Delay Tactics

By intentionally prolonging the claims process, insurers cause financial strain and frustration to policyholders, leading to disputes over the timeliness and fairness of settlements.

Settlement Dispute

Policyholders contest insufficient offers or coercive tactics by insurers, seeking fair compensation through negotiation or legal action, challenging insurer practices and terms for equitable resolution.

Our Attorneys

Causes of Damage


Devastating fires can lead to significant property damage, but insurance companies may deny claims for structural damage, lost belongings, and business interruption. Legal intervention might be needed to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.


Earthquake-induced property damage can be extensive, yet insurance companies may deny claims for structural repairs, foundation stabilization, and rebuilding efforts. Pursuing an insurance recovery suit may be necessary to achieve fair compensation.

Theft and Vandalism

Theft and vandalism can result in considerable revenue loss, yet insurance companies may deny claims for stolen items, property damage, and business interruption. Legal intervention might be needed to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Wind & Hail

Wind and hailstorms can cause extensive property damage, and insurers may reject claims. Legal action may be necessary to secure the compensation you deserve.


Lightning strikes can cause significant property damage, yet insurance companies may deny claims for electrical system repairs, fire damage, and electronics replacement. This may necessitate fighting to secure rightful compensation.


Tornado-related property damage can lead to substantial losses, but insurance companies may deny claims for structural repairs, debris removal, and rebuilding efforts. Legal action might be necessary to obtain fair compensation.


Insurance claims arising from hurricane-related property damage, include structural destruction, flooding, and loss of possessions, necessitating comprehensive coverage for recovery. Efforts may be necessary to secure fair and proper compensation.


Flooding can cause extensive property damage, but insurance companies may deny claims for water damage, mold remediation, and structural repairs. You might need to pursue legal action to secure the compensation you deserve.

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