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Our Aging Population

1 out of every 8 Americans is over the age of 65, representing 12.9% of the population.

3.2 million people currently live in United States nursing homes.
(National Center for Health Statistic, 2008)

44% of all residents in nursing home facilities stated complaints of abuse, gross neglect and exploitation on behalf of nursing home and board care residents.
(National Center on Elderly Abuse, 2012)

90% of US nursing homes have staffing levels too low to enable them to provide adequate care. It is estimated that only 1 in 14 incidents of elderly abuse is reported to authorities.
(The Prevalence of Elderly Abuse: A Random Survey. 1988)

More than 30% of all nursing homes in America indulge in some form of resident abuse, with the numbers on an ever increasing trend. (The National Center On Elder Abuse in the United States)

More than 50% of all nursing homes are short staffed and offering inadequate care to residents, resulting in an overburdened existing staff,  increasing the chance of negligence and abuse.
(The National Center On Elder Abuse in the United States)

Nursing home residents have several protected rights, collectively known as the “Resident’s Bill of Rights.” Assisted living facilities must provide its residents with a legible and clear list of these legal rights, which include respect, self-determination and communication outside and within the facility.

*According to the American Association for Justice

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