This OSHA Injury Report was compiled directly from data that is publicly available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA Injury Reports can be helpful in understanding the types of workplace injury claims involving defective products or malfunctioning equipment in the workplace. 

The manufacturers of defective equipment or machinery resulting in a worker injury may be found to be negligent and liable for damages in a separate civil lawsuit. You may be able to recover damages on top of a workers’ comp claim if injured in a job accident caused, in part, by a third party. These third party personal injury cases should be given responsible legal guidance.

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Report: Other fall to lower level 21 to 25 feet at Aspen Rayn Enterprises, LLC in Beaumont, Texas

DATE: 07/29/19

An employee was on a roof guiding insulated roof panels into place to secure them into steel beams with self-tapping bolts. He was working with two other employees who were in a scissor lift. The roof panel slipped from the beam at the peak before being secured and fell to the scissor lift below. This caused the other end of the lift to teeter upward, making contact with a 7,620-volt powerline. All three employees were shocked and received electrical burns. The employee on the roof fell approximately 25 feet to the concrete ground below. He was hospitalized with multiple breaks of the right leg and arm, numerous broken facial bones, severely damaged lungs, a tear in the aorta, and possible spinal damage.

Report ID 2019077705  
Date 07/29/2019  
UPA 1487452  
Inspection 1422802  
Primary NAICS 238120  
Nature 194 Internal injuries to organs and blood vessels of the trunk
Part of Body 38 Multiple trunk locations
Source 6540 Roofs, unspecified
Secondary Source 4415 Power lines, transformers, convertors
Event 4335 Other fall to lower level 21 to 25 feet
Hospitalized Yes  
Amputation No  

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